You Won’t Be Able To Handle The Cuteness Of This Tiny Chihuahua Learning To Walk!!

Not many of us are able to remember back when we learned how to walk. If your parents were fans of a camera back then, you might be able to watch a few grainy clips of your first few steps. A quick Google search will show you just how amazing it is when a baby is finally able to take their first steps! Who knew putting one foot in front of the other could be so hard?? Now, imagine what it must be like when your head almost weighs more than your entire body! That’s just another day in the life of a newborn Chihuahua pup!

This adorable pup, Willow, is just figuring out this whole walking thing and boy is it adorable!! The cute canine stumbles a bit at first (don’t worry Willow! I swear we didn’t see anything!), but she never fails to get right back up on those tiny paws to give it another go!! And the soundtrack put to the video?! A perfect match for how epic those first few steps really are!! Keep up the hard work, Willow! You got it