Woman Rescues Earless Cat And They Save Each Other’s Lives

Adopting cats has countless benefits. You have a constant companion and support. And for people suffering from anxiety, cats can bring joy to their miserable life. If you are suffering from anxiety, then you must have “Cat Therapy” by renting a kitty from your friend, or it would be better if you just own a little four-legged baby.

Here’s the story of Molly Linchtenwarner, a grad student. She was looking for a companion in her life to accompany her while she was suffering from anxiety. While searching for a buddy, she visited the local animal shelter to look for a cat. With so many cats available at the shelter, she came across Otitis – a white old cat. Otitis was left at the shelter by his previous owner. He suffered a lot in his life. His owner left him because he lost his ears in surgery.

This poor soul was having a cyst in his ears which resulted in removing his ears and he lost the hearing organs. Luckily, Molly took him to her home and changed the life of this innocent kitty. Adopting Kyle was the best decision ever. She took him and certified him as her therapy cat.

How adorable Kyle looks!

Molly stated: “I was having severe anxiety as a result of a car accident… I decided it was time for me to adopt an animal to help with my anxiety because nothing helped me more than snuggling some furry friends,”
Facing anxiety as a teenager is so overwhelming because they had a lot to handle in their life. We see many people around us suffering from anxiety, and they adopt pets to help their mental health and reduce stress levels. So, having a feline furry friend is the best decision one could make to bring joy in their stressful journey. How adorable it is, that a furry friend turns into a permanent member of your family. They become a part of our life and make us complete.

Kyle won’t let me work because he loves sitting on my laptop!

Such an innocent soul. Isn’t he?

The pair enjoy their tough times by having a good laugh together!

Kyle loves cuddling!

Morning tea with Kyle.

He won’t let Molly sleep!

Kyle has helped Molly relieve anxiety in her life. Adopting a cat can be the most rewarding relationship. Cats help in improving the nervous system and they can even calm the situation where a person is having a panic attack. Cats love to have fun and playing with their owners that ultimately results in improving mental health. Adopting cats or dogs can be a joyous occasion as they bring a spark to your life and calmness in your home. No matter what cats look like, they are one of the most innocent creatures with pure hearts and mysterious nature.

Let us know what makes you adore and love cats? Also, don’t forget to share your experience of adopting a pet from a local animal shelter in the comment section below.