Woman Hears Puppies In White Van And Freaks Out When Driver Asks If Her Chihuahua Is For Sale

If you have a pet at home, you know how protective you can be of that furry friend. You would stop at nothing to protect that animal from harm, and no one can come between you and that pet.

So when a white van pulled up to her, Jessica Keller just knew she had to be careful.

She and her Chihuahua, Clementine, were on an evening stroll when she saw three strangers in the van, which didn’t have any license plates. The woman and two men shouted at her to get her attention. As the van approached, she heard the yelps of puppies in the vehicle.

Then, the woman asked if Clementine was for sale.

“My stomach was sick for sure,” says Jessica, “and all I could think was: they’re not getting my dog.”

Without hesitating, Jessica ran home and called the police. She looked out the window to see where the van was, and that’s when the woman inside shone a flashlight into her home, as if to warn her that she knew what she was doing.

Jessica got in touch with the neighborhood’s residents and told them what happened. She suspects that these strangers were dog thieves and is now urging her fellow pet owners to keep a close eye on their furry friends.

The local police maintain that it’s not a crime to ask questions and that there haven’t been any recent reports of dog theft.

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