When A Rescued Donkey Sees His Father He Behaves Like A Dog

There’s no denying that all newborn animals are adorable. However, every now and again, a too cute for words character appears and steals the show.

This is also the case with this small donkey that not only thinks but also acts like a puppy. Meet Walter, everyone!

Credit: Brad

When the adorable donkey was just a few days old, his mother turned him down. The unfortunate young soul, who had been abandoned in this world, was rescued just in time by a kind couple.

Kelly and Brad Blake of Oatman, Arizona, made the decision to adopt him and welcomed him into their household.

Brad told The Dodo, “Walter’s mom rejected him because she was too young.”

“They tried for ten hours to persuade Walter’s mother to take him in. Because nothing was working, we were contacted and asked if we wanted to adopt him. “Of course, we said yes!” said the group.

The Blakes, who also have three dogs in their house, showed Walter their love and attention from the start, which really aided him.

The rescue animal and his adoptive family share a particular affinity, but Walter’s interactions with his father are unique. When he sees his father is back home, he can’t contain his joy and excitement.

Walter’s conduct has been influenced by his upbringing with three dogs, therefore it’s understandable that he believes he is a dog.

“We have three German shepherds, and they’ve all taken to baby Walter right away,” Brad explained. “They’ve assisted us in raising him and teaching him proper manners.”

Credit: Brad

When he gets excited, the beautiful donkey even waggles his tail. When he’s reunited with his human father, this happens every time.

Walter acts like a dog, according to his father. “When we reach home, he wags his tail and becomes thrilled.” To love on him, he leaps and presses his body on mine.”