Whale Shark Swims Up To Boat And Gives Dog A Kiss

They sometimes say that curiosity killed the cat. According to a whale shark, sometimes curiosity can also get you a kiss.

This became evident when Jade Pursell was off the coast of Australia with a friend to do some diving.
A whale shark swam up to the boat for a closer look.


Although the whale shark did not come near them in the water, it did swim over to the 12-foot boat and got the curiosity of an animal onboard. It was their eight-year-old Labrador retriever.

For a moment, the Labrador retriever exchanged an interesting moment with the large fish. They touched noses and it was almost as if they were saying hello and getting to know each other.


In speaking with People, Pursell said: “I was so happy to see Sailor meet a whale shark, I honestly just felt overjoyed. Animals are incredible, and it couldn’t have gone any better.”

You can see it for yourself in this video: