To Assist Four Orphan Bears Go Asleep A Dedicated Wildlife Caretaker Takes Naps With Them

Even though wild animals weigh roughly 1,500 pounds, some individuals go above and above to show their affection for them. This dedicated wildlife keeper will go to any length to ensure the comfort of the four bears he looks after. Even if this involves taking naps next to them.

Credit: The Orphaned Wildlife Center

Jim Kowalczik has always been fond of animals and has worked tirelessly to aid and protect them, particularly bears. Jim and his wife Susan developed The Orphaned Wildlife Center — a rehabilitation center for orphaned bears – in Otisville, New York, with the goal of helping every desperate bear cub out there.

The Orphaned Wildlife Center

Since 1990, the pair has cared for a large number of bears that have needed assistance. Jim, on the other hand, has never had a stronger kinship with any of the animals who reside here than he has with his four favorite bears: two Kodiak bears and two Syrian brown bears.

The four arrived the center nearly a decade ago and over the time a very strong and special bond had formed between them and the man that looks after them.

The Orphaned Wildlife Center

They have such a great bond that Jim sometimes takes naps with them to help them feel at ease. This big-hearted man can be seen resting close to his four gigantic companions in a series of lovely photos.

As you can imagine, Jim and his furry friends are only sleeping side by side, but they also have all sort of funny activities together. One, that everyone seems to adore is playing in the snow. Take a peek: