Tiny Chihuahua Fades In & Out Of Sleep As His Mom Sings Him A Relaxing Song

Malinda Herman, a musician, can always be found playing her guitar or piano, but not without her Chihuahua best friend by her side.
Herman has a YouTube channel, where she uploads all of her music videos, and you can see her furry sidekick enjoying her music just as much as we do!

In the video below, you’ll see Herman playing a song by Lobo titled “I Love You To Want Me” on her guitar, while her Chihuahua is all ears.
As she begins to sing, the pup reaches up to lick her face. It’s clear right off the bat that these two share such a close, loving bond.
Herman’s voice is so beautiful and calming that it even starts to put her pup to sleep as if it were a lullaby! At one point, the dog puts his tiny paw on the guitar like he wants to play along.His eyes start to close, but he keeps opening them again as if not to miss a beat.
Watch the adorable video below and click here to watch more of Herman’s music videos with her furry best friend.

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