Have you ever thought about why dogs lick your face? What is the reason behind those endless showers of kisses? Here in this article you will know the truth behind it all.

There are too many reasons behind face licking, the first reason is that licking the owner’s face is a behaviour that means the bond is so strong between you and your dog, he loves you. Dog’s do this sometimes to welcome or greet their owner.

Another reason behind face licking, it’s because dogs love the salty taste of the human’s skin, and sometimes it’s because of hunger, when your dog needs some food, and it’s time for the meal, he will lick you. The most important reason of all is that dogs are enjoying your company, your dog loves being around you, licking your face is a way of showing love, so don’t stop your dog or push him away.

Well, who hates dog’s licking? Who hates to feel the puppy’s love and miss the shower of kisses? And of course you heard someone who said before that dog’s saliva is full of bacteria, but read this article and share it with all who tells you this! Now we are about to have a scientific evidence that simply proves that they are very good for your health. So if you are a dog lick addict, be happy, it’s a very healthy thing. You have to know that now lots of studies are made to prove that the dog licks are healthy, so one lick of your dog a day will keep the doctor away.

Studies were made by Dr. Charles Raison who said that the dog’s saliva or simply the dog’s kisses to their owners can act as a probiotic that effects the humans’ immune health.
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  1. I have 2 chi’s and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. My male (George) has a licker problem so i got him a sweater that says space invaders (like the game) it fits him perfectly cuz he’s always licking. My female rarely licks (Tympris) rarely licks/kisses but she my little girl. I love em both

  2. My dogs always lick my face they like cuddling go crazy when I get home follow me to each and every room live in the kitchen with me when I cook and as for sure I return the favor we r all a big family lol thank you happy holidays rob

  3. My 14 year old chihuahua has a nightly ritual of licking my face for at least 2 minutes before she settles down to sleep.

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