This Chihuahua Took Its Owner’s Car On An Accidental Joyride Across Four Lanes Of Traffic

Police in Slidell, Louisiana, couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw footage of a recent car mishap.

The story was so unusual that they shared it on social media.

The owner of an SUV stopped at a local gas station to fill up. She left her dog, a 5-pound Chihuahua, inside the car as she ran in to pay for the gas. When she came back out to pump her gas, she was astonished to see the car start rolling backward. She tried to run along the side of the car, frantic to stop it. She lost her footing and tripped as the car rolled into four lanes of traffic.

Thankfully, the car made it through traffic without hitting anything.

It finally came to a stop when it rolled into a barrier at another gas station across the busy street.

No one’s quite sure how the dog could have put the car into reverse. Police later determined that the SUV had a mechanical issue that made it so the transmission could switch gears without the break being pressed.

“It is a miracle that no one was seriously injured and that no other vehicles were struck during this incident,” the Slidell Police Department wrote alongside its Facebook post about the incident. “Let this be a lesson to everyone to please use caution when leaving pets inside of your vehicle.”