This Chihuahua Puppy Thinks It’s A Baby Goat

Sunflower Farm Creamery in Maine uploaded a really adorable video of a Chihuahua puppy and two baby goats playing in the fields. The funny thing is, the Chihuahua thinks it’s a baby goat. She plays with the goats, jumps with them, chases after them, all the while thinking that she is one of them.

The goats play along but are generally pretty impartial to her, considering they’ve got a lot of quirky jumping to do (seriously, why are baby goats the weirdest animals ever??).
Anyway, the video is really sweet and it just goes to show that animals of all kinds can get along.

Sunflower Farm is a no cull dairy farm which means every goat lives out their life even after they are done producing. On many dairy farms, the bucklings are immediately killed. Ours are neutered and sold as pets. We have a couple (Don Pedro and Rocky) and they are delightful pets! Much like having outdoor dogs.

Any goat kids we can’t keep are sold to great families in pairs as pets or future milking goats. People put their names on a waiting list a year in advance so our kids never go to new homes as an impulse buy. You can read more about our unique farming philosophy on our farm website.