This Cat Named Marley Has The Most Judgemental Face Ever And Already Disappointed In You

Now, this is what we call catitude!
Since the beginning of time, we have always known cats to be moody. They don’t like being forced to play or cuddle if they don’t feel like it. Any cat owner would know the consequences if you force them. It’s a direct scratch to the face. This is a personality trait that they have and we just have to live with it. However, some cats are really unique. They have different facial expressions than the others and it adds to their personality. When I said cats were moody, I meant that they sometimes like to play around and are happy, and sometimes they don’t want any human interaction whatsoever. But some cats are just built differently from others.

Today, we’re going to talk about a cat who is slightly different from other felines. Marley, the orange tabby, has a constantly grumpy face and it has become a form of entertainment for people on the Internet. Scroll down below to see some adorable and hilarious pictures of Marley.


This is Marley. We’re going to call him Grumpy Cat 2.0

Marley also has a Siamese brother. His name is Sherman and he is cross-eyed.

Now, isn’t this a wonderful duo?