This Cat Almost Faced Dеаth For Having Abnоrmal Chromosomes

We all can understand the extreme love for pets that people form, and the strong bond that is created when sharing your home with an animal. Maya, a cat who was longing to be loved but had an Abnоrmality in her chromosomes was found behind a Chinese Resturant and then put on Dеаth row.

This meant that the poor cat was going to lose her shot at life, but luckily the Odd Cat Sanctuary was able to take Maya in and find her a foster home where she would be able to live a happy life.

Maya is definitely deserving!

Maya is an adopted kitty.

She is only a year old, and looks the way she does because of an extra chromosome.

Behind a Chinese Restaurant was where she was found before she was taken to a kill shelter.

The reason she was sentenced to Dеаth was because of her slightly unusual looks.

At first, it seemed like she would never find a home.

But The Odd Cat Sanctuary swooped in and saved her by bringing her to a foster home.

Maya’s different looks make her look a bit confused sometimes, but she is absolutely not.

Because of her chromosomes though, she does have a few issues with her vision.

Maya also has a nose that is flattened, which means that she is always sneezing.

She is still adorable, regardless of her wonky looks.

But really, shes just like every loving cat.

She’s always looking for fun.

And shes very playful too.

A striker ready to attack…

And she adores a good scratch.

She has picked out her favorite toy that doesn’t leave her side for too long.

She is very content in her new home.

Maya is becoming an icon for special pets all over.

We need to spread more stories like Maya’s, to help prove that the lives of special animals are important too.

This beautiful animal is so happy in her home, and it is important that we can keep spreading the love for all animals, even if they are a little unusual.

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