The Top 7 Reasons Why a Chihuahua Won’t Play

Reason #1: Young puppies have trouble focusing.

Up until about the age of 4 months old, puppies are not fully aware; they are still developing their cognitive senses. This is why young pups can often be picked up by strangers or left alone while owners tend to other things and not seem bothered by it… But, as they grow older, they truly realize what is happening and will react to it.

So, if you have a very young Chihuahua puppy that has no interest in playing with you, rest assured that this is quite normal.

As your Chi matures and has a stronger understanding of who you are, what toys are, and the joys of interaction, your pup will want to engage with you much more. In fact, it can become too much sometimes!

It’ll be important for you to set guidelines and find a good balance between interaction with you (and other household members) and having your Chihuahua stay busy and occupied when you are either not home or too busy to play. Reason #2: Too much stimuli

If you have a busy household with lots of noise (people talking, TV playing, cars driving by, etc.) and/or lots of commotion (other pets, children, people coming and going, etc.), a Chihuahua can get sensory overload.

When this happens, a Chi will do one of two things: He may have trouble focusing on just one thing and get really hyper or he may withdraw. When withdrawing, essentially a Chihuahua feels that there is too much happening, too much to look at, too much to listen to, and too many things to choose from, so they choose nothing at all. Instead, a Chi may head over to their bed and curl up for a nap. Reason #3: Same old, same old

If you only had one form of entertainment, day in and day out, it’s probable that you’d get bored of it. Well, it’s the same for our Chihuahuas. If you always try to play with your Chihuahua offering the same old toy, in the same room, this can get boring rather quickly.

Reason #4: Lack of owner enthusiasm

Canines are incredibly apt in reading their human’s tone of voice and non-verbal cues. If you try to initiate play but really don’t want to, or if you are feeling stressed for time, your Chi may be picking up on this.

Reason #5: Lack of owner bonding

It’s very common for a Chihuahua to only play with humans that he or she feels very close to. If you are not your Chi’s main caregiver, this may be the reason for a Chihuahua not wanting to play with you but having the desire to do so with others.

Interaction like playing fetch or chase or just plain acting silly together requires an initial bond where the dog feels close enough and safe enough to let loose and leave their guarding tendencies behind. Reason #6: Frustration

Dogs learn quickly. Just a couple of unpleasant experiences can cause a dog to avoid a repeat. Therefore, if your Chihuahua became frustrated with play in the past (not winning games of tug-of-war, being reprimanded for not ‘properly’ chasing after a ball, etc.), this can lead to having no interest in doing those sorts of things again.

Reason #7: Apprehension

If a Chihuahua is very shy or nervous, and this is particularly true with rescue dogs, playtime can seem intimidating. What is about to happen? What does this person want from me? Do I dare proceed? Is this all about fun or can something bad happen?

It can take a while for a skittish Chihuahua to learn that he or she is in a safe place where only good things are going to happen.