The crammed bunny toy of a rescued child fox is his preferred place to nap

Meet Puggle, an orphaned baby fox rescued from a back garden when he was just two weeks old.
When the RSPCA discovered the newborn fox, they collaborated with the NFWS (National Fox Welfare Society), a rehabilitation group that assisted by providing a home for it.

Orphaned animals are frequently discovered after days of neglect and are starving and dehydrated. Puggle, thankfully, responded well to NFWS’s treatment and made a full recovery.

“When Puggle initially came in, he would often fall asleep in your hands after his feeding, exactly like many of the cubs on the bottle.” So it was just a question of eating, going to the bathroom, and sleeping every four hours.”

After a few days in care, he had made a very special friend.

“Puggle has a love-hate relationship with the rabbit” He began to develop his adult-color orange-y fox fur after a few weeks in the NFWS’ care, but he still adores his toy pal. “His personality is now coming out as he likes to play battle and he has just started to pounce on stuff,” a spokesman from the National Fish and Wildlife Service revealed. This is “an instinct that will help him secure rats, mice, voles, and other pests as an adult.”

Look at those sleepy eyes in the shot above, taken shortly before nap time!