The Best Reaction To Finding A Loving Family Is From An Abandoned Dog

Mikayla Sengle and her boyfriend, Anthony Noto, had no intention of getting a puppy. But it felt fated when Wylie appeared out of nowhere in their lives.

Noto was driving home from work last month when he came across a dog park near an apartment complex. A white and brown pittie sat alone in the rear of the park, looking perplexed.

Noto observed the dog wasn’t wearing a collar and appeared to be a little battered when he approached him.

“He appeared disoriented, but he also appeared to be on a quest to discover something,” Noto told The Dodo. “He came up to me all innocent with his head down, seeing if I’d welcome him as I walked over to where my work truck was.”

He continued, “Perhaps I was what he was looking for.”

Noto placed a slack rope around the puppy’s neck and led him around the neighborhood, looking for his owner. Noto, on the other hand, placed the dog in his vehicle and drove him home when no one recognized him.


Noto observed the dog wasn’t wearing a collar and appeared to be a little battered when he approached him.

The puppy didn’t want to upset his new companions, and he was anxious to demonstrate Sengle and Noto that he was the nicest of them all.

Sengle told The Dodo, “With people, he would wait for them to give the OK to lick and pay attention to them.” “He appeared relieved and delighted. As soon as he arrived home, he received a wash and some snacks.”

“He’d look at my partner for approval for everything,” Sengle continued. “He was overjoyed when he arrived home and raced about in the yard. He didn’t seem to have ever had the chance to be free and have pleasure.”


Wylie lay in bed with his rescuers the first night, as though to ensure they wouldn’t abandon him. And he’d never been more at ease or content in his life.

Sengle searched social media for the dog’s family, but she was heartbroken when she eventually received a response.

“A little girl approached us and basically claimed it was her friend’s dog, and [her friend] had read the post and decided she no longer wanted him because he was obnoxious,” Sengle explained. “If they reached out to us, she begged us not to give him back since they used to strike him and were not good to him.”

Sengle and Noto held Wylie for the five-day stray hold to allow his owners to claim him. But after the week was through, there was no doubt in his mind that he’d be remaining with them – for the rest of his life.

Sengle and Noto felt their family was complete, but they can’t believe how fortunate they were.

“He’s a wonderful companion and a very lovely dog,” Sengle added. “My partner and him had an almost instantaneous relationship. He slept right in between us the first night we acquired him, and we knew he was our dog from then on.”