It’s heartbreaking to find an animal in distress, but thankfully, rescue groups like Hope For Paws exist. They work tirelessly to save helpless strays from an otherwise uncertain fate. That’s exactly the case for one poor German shepherd recently. Neighbors had seen her for days, taking refuge near a van in a Los Angeles-area neighborhood. She was obviously homeless, miserable, and terrified, but she hadn’t shown any signs of aggression, just a complete aversion to human touch. When Eldad Hagar and Loreta Frankonyte of Hope For Paws arrived, they tried to lure her out of her hiding place with hamburger meat. In all likelihood, this poor pup hadn’t eaten for days, but her hunger wasn’t enough to overcome her paralyzing fear of humans.

As Loreta approaches, the shepherd issues a series of high-pitched, almost human-like cries, as if her life depends on someone seeing through her tough exterior. “She was scared and expressed it in a way that I have never heard in my life” said Eldad. She wants help, and needs it, but a life on the streets has taught her no one is to be trusted. The cries only intensify as she scoots farther and farther back into the crawlspace, then scurries into another one just feet away. Wedging herself between two shipping containers, she hunkers down, her big German shepherd ears all but invisible and tail curled pitifully between her legs. But Loreta persists, softly calling to her and assuring her everything will be okay. She just needs to find it in herself to place her trust in humans again…

The shepherd — now named Rain — sidles up beside her and gets down on all fours. She knows Carey and somehow understands she’s the whole reason this rescue operation was set into motion. Back at the Paws For Life facility, Rain gets some much-needed TLC from their dedicated staff and volunteers, starting with a luxurious bath and shampoo! It’s obvious that she was once someone’s pet. Unfortunately, how she ended up on the streets, we’ll never know. But she’s missed the gentle massages and being touched and stroked, and she soaks it all in as if she’s finally remembering what it’s like for someone to care about her. Watch the video to discover this beautiful dog and its transformation. No animal should have to suffer!

When they first found her, this German shepherd was scared of her own shadow. You’d never think she had a sassy side.


Two weeks later, she was adopted and renamed Sassy Pants Dunbar!

Source: incroyable.co