Teen Builds Wheelchairs For Disabled Animals To Help Them Walk Again

Life with a disability can be challenging, especially for those without access to accommodations. The same isn’t true just for humans, but for animals as well.

Oftentimes, when an animal becomes disabled or is born with a disability that impairs their ability to walk, they end up being euthanized. It’s a sad reality, but there are some people who are stepping up to help.

To better the quality of life and allow handicapped animals to move around freely, 16-year-old Shaine Kilyun has been making custom wheelchairs to help.

According to Fox9, Kilyun is a student at Champlin Park High School in Minnesota. She said, “I just love animals, and I wanted to make a difference somehow. I’ve saved a few lives, and I really hope to save more.”

In her spare time, Kilyun makes wheelchairs for dogs, cats, and any other animal in need. She’s currently working on building a wheelchair for a dog in Saudi Arabia. The two-year-old dog’s back legs are paralyzed and he’s developed sores from scooting around. A wheelchair will improve his quality of life and also reduce his chance of developing an infection from the sores.


Wheelchairs for animals are expensive to purchase and expensive to make. The price is one of the barriers that many animals and their caregivers face.

Amazingly, Kilyun sells the wheelchairs she makes for a fraction of the cost, and she raises the money for them on her own. She explained to Fox9 that many people have been eager to support her, and those interested in doing so can zelle @Wheeliesdogwheelchairs@gmail.com.


Kilyun hopes to continue helping more animals and making an impact on animals in need. She’s started a non-profit called Wheelies and plans to grow her work and make the biggest impact possible.

Watch the video below to learn more about Kilyun and her work:

You can follow Kilyun and keep up with her work on Instagram, @wheelies_dogandcat_wheelchairs.