Stray Chihuahua Balloons To Twice Her Healthy Weight Before New Owner Forces Her To Diet

We love our furry friends, but when left to their own devices, dogs can get into quite some trouble!

In the streets, many dogs are incapable of surviving on their own and need humans to clean, groom, and feed them. Sometimes, they don’t understand what is good for them and what is bad.

That was why a tiny chihuahua grew to be twice the healthy weight for a dog of the same breed.

When Lu-Seal was picked up off the streets as a stray, she weighed about 16 pounds. That may not be much to us, but one look at the poor pup proved that she needed help.

It was her grin that caught the attention of Julia Morely, who ultimately gave her a new home after seeing her in the shelter
She took on the task of getting Lu-Seal healthy.

She put the Chihuahua on a strict diet of 250 calories a day and slowly introduced her to exercise.

That was last year. Since, Lu-Seal has made some tremendous improvements. She’s down half her weight and has gotten used to walking!

Julia says, “At first we went down the block and back and that was a struggle, and now we’re going about a mile a day.”

Thanks to her accomplishments, Lu-Seal’s story won $5,000 for the Humane Animal Rescue.

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