Small Boy And 13-Year-Old Chihuahua Do Everything Together

The little boy Marcelo, who was adopted in October 2018, arrived at his new home and was scared of his family’s dogs. He was so frightened that he could not refrain from screaming in front of them and did not want to be near those creatures.

When he got home, he was terrified of the dogs and screamed quite loudly on the first day, his mother was surprised and was not warned that this could happen, Holly Brookhoser told SBS 5 uz.

But his fears were greatly allayed when he met Mini.

You see, Mini loves small children and that meant she always wanted to be near Marcelo. Brookhouser called the sweet girl “ruthless in her love,” which eventually won over Marcelo.

The older dog still could not be activated at high speeds when the little ones were playing, and that was A-OK for him. Jack is tolerant and obeys his parents’ rules until the little member becomes more and more curious about the dog.

The first time a 13-year-old Chihuahua licked Marcelo, they became best friends. This was not love at first sight but it was love at first kiss.

Mini helped Marcelo accumulate in his new home. She was his first friend and she was happy to show him the ropes and was a constant presence in his life.

These little candies are now inseparable, and Mini follows Marcelo everywhere, she even sees him in the bathtub. Now Marcelo does not want to be without Mini either. Even when he playing with the most interesting toys, he loves his best player nearby.

Meanwhile, Marcelo’s mother enjoys observing their friendship and is grateful to the tall puppy for being gentle and patient as the boy overcomes his fear of dogs. And, she hopes that soon the young boy will overcome the fear so that they can keep Mini young and spry.

The Arkansas family has two children and two dogs, including two new kittens! And while Marcelo and Minnie look like two peas on the floor, the little boy managed to expand his horizons and share time with dog Jack as well.

Marcelo fell in love with animals!

Since Dodo first released a video of Marcelo and Mini earlier this year, they have received messages from around the world.
Holly Brookhoser says she wants the video to show people how dogs can be lifeguards and their goal is to encourage more people to adopt.

Their video was so popular that Dodo made a second, which has been viewed over 25 MILLION times on Facebook alone in the last week!