Saying Goodbye to 8 Little Chihuahuas

I’m not sure if it’s the time of year or just a sad coincidence but it seems like a lot of our precious Chis have been passing away lately.  Below I’m listing the ones I know about and whatever details I have about them.

Please leave your condolences for the pet parents in the comments and let them know you are thinking of them.

Dixie the Chihuahua in bunny costume

First we have Dixie who passed away on March 28th from kidney failure. She belong to the sister of Debbie Sake Macconnell‎. Debbie says Dixie was her sister’s everything so this has to be hard on her.

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Lola the Chihuahua

This pretty girl is Lola and she passed away in early March. Yvette Gonzales was her mommy and she says her heart is broken. I can understand why.

Bitty the Chihuahua

Bitty died suddenly and unexpectedly on March 30th. She was loved by  Linda Bennett Brown‎.

Sukhi the Chihuahua

I don’t know much about this adorable baby except her name was Sukhi, she belonged to Tracey Thompson and I believe she was just 5 years old. RIP little one.

Mia the Chihuahua

This is Mia and she died on March 20th. She belonged to Mary Louise Puentes‎. She says that her 12 year old granddaughter is having a hard time with the loss of Mia.

Ozzy the Chihuahua

Although I just recently heard about his passing, Ozzy was run over by a car back in September. Heather Hill says he was her best friend.

Flora the Chihuahua

Amanda Bell‎ says her little Flora was her whole world and her life won’t be the same without her. She passed on March 19th.

Peach the Chihuahua

Peach died unexpectedly from an unknown heart condition on March 17th. She died in her mom’s arms. Her mom Phyllis Burkart‎, says she was almost 12 years old.

I hope this post didn’t depress you too much. I must admit it made me sad to write it. But I do it  to honor the Chis and their parents.

Remember to leave a message in the comments below for the pet parents.

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