Panther Was Raised By Humans And Rottweilers After Being Abandoned By Its Mother

After being rejected shortly after birth, a gentle panther found herself in a difficult circumstance. The lovely little animal had been abandoned in a Siberian zoo before being adopted by a nice woman and her dog. And things couldn’t be more perfect. Let me introduce you to Luna, the panther.

Credit: Victoria

Luna now lives a happy life, surrounded by the affection of the woman who rescued her life and the adoring rottweiler who is her best buddy. Things weren’t always like this, though. Luna was abandoned by her mother when she was only a few days old, and her odds of survival were slim. When this caring woman stumbled discovered the small cat, the odds changed in her favor.

Credit: Victoria

Victoria, who had previously reared and cared for several feral cats, became attached to Luna and determined to assist her. So she went to the zoo every day until she was strong enough and healthy to hand feed and care for the magnificent panther. After spending so much time with Luna, the 31-year-old lady couldn’t let her go, so she decided to adopt her as a member of the family. Victoria purchased the panther from the zoo and brought her home with her.

Credit: Victoria

Victoria was already sharing her home with Venza, a wonderful dog, and she was worried that Luna and Venza wouldn’t get along. But she was completely mistaken, as the two appeared to be inseparable spirits from the moment they met. They’ve become great friends and spend their days together playing and exploring new things. Luna is now ten months old and weighs more than 45 pounds, making her a very spoilt kitten.

Credit: Victoria

Victoria is known for sharing lovely videos of her two furry children on social media. She has almost 2.2 million fans on TikTok alone, and the number is growing, just as it is on Instagram, where the couple has 179,000 followers.

Videos of Luna and Venza having a good time in the Siberian snow went viral. You can see them right here!


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