Owlets Hatch In Man’s Window Nest—Now They Watch TV With Him

Jos Baart, a Belgian citizen, has some new neighbors, including Europe’s largest owl, the Eurasian Eagle Owl.

He initially mistook the ruckus outside his window for pigeons, but it turned out to be much larger birds. They began watching TV with him via the window after they hatched.

Baart lives on the third floor in an apartment. Pigeons are his most frequent neighbors.

Because of the loudness, he dislikes it when birds build a nest near his windows. For the man, sounds outside the window started up again recently, leading him to believe that another pigeon family had moved in.

When he finally went to check on the nest, he discovered that the newcomers were not pigeons at all, but a family of owls who had taken up residence in his window flowerbox.

The owls were identified as Eurasian Eagle Owls. The owl breed is one of the most diverse in the world. The owlets grew swiftly as Baart checked the nest on a regular basis, until one day he noticed them peering back at him through his window.

When Baart turned on his TV, the fuzzy birds began to line up along the windowsill as they became larger.

The owlets appear to be enthralled by every show that the apartment owner watches. The owls’ fascination with the vibrant visuals on the TV is evident in photographs and videos of them gazing into the apartment. Baart finds the owlets to be equally entertaining and spends a lot of time watching them.

Eurasian Eagle Owls are infrequently seen in inhabited areas, therefore Baart considers himself quite fortunate to have had this unique opportunity.

The owlets will stay in the nest for roughly five months until being ready to fly away on their own. If the sweet creatures return to watch their favorite shows with their human pal on occasion, only time will tell.