Officials Put A Tracker On A Dog Using Public Transportation And Learned He Traveled 30 Km Every Day

If you use public transportation on a regular basis, you probably see some animals here and there. Some of them are legitimate guide dogs that help their owners in various ways. Others are pets that are companion animals who are there for the ride.
What many people don’t consider is the possibility that some animals love to travel. They like seeing the world go by and living life on their own terms.

In Istanbul, Turkey, there is just such an animal. It is a dog named Boji and you can see him every day riding on public transportation throughout the city.


Boji is a very intelligent animal and locals have gotten to know him quite well. He navigates his way through the public transportation system on his own, taking the tram line, Metro, and sometimes he would even hop on a train.

The locals began taking pictures of him and it wasn’t long before he gained some notoriety.

He understands the rules of public transportation, gets out of the way of passengers that are disembarking, and waits until the train is empty before he enters.
If it is nice outside, he will sit on the terrace at the railway station. If it is cold and rainy, you can find him inside.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality wanted to find out how far the dog traveled every day so they attached a tracker to him. As it turns out, this stray dog travels up to 30 km every day and navigates his way through approximately 29 stops daily.
He may travel a lot of distance but he does have his favorites. He seems to favor being on the M4 Metro line, a 19 station rapid transit line that covers 27 km.
Boji gets his name from railway terminology, according to the New York Post. He appears to be a cross between a shepherd dog and a Sivas Kangal.

He doesn’t have an owner, but he has been looked after. Metro workers gave him an examination and made sure he had his health checkup and was sterilized.

It is the people who really appreciate Boji and have even opened up social media accounts to help direct the dog further and to show where he goes on a daily basis.

You can follow Boji on Twitter and Instagram where has 90K+ followers.