Miniature Horse Lives Inside House With Three Dogs

Abandoned six-week-old Peabody might be a miniature and disabled horse but he surely is not short of luck. He found someone who truly cares for him and loves him from the bottom of their heart.

(Image Source: Instagram/ Faithful Minis)

Faith Smith heard about this tiny horse she was not able to stop. Even though she knew that the vets suggested putting him down still she booked a van and came all the way across the country for him.

Faith is expert in dealing with miniature horses. As she trains them for therapy, emotional support, mobility services, and love. According to her calm demeanor, miniature horses are excellent for love and support.

(Image Source: InstagramFaithful Minis)
An average miniature horse weighs between 150 to 350 pounds. Whereas at 6 weeks old Peabody weighs only 19 pounds. That is very low even for a miniature horse. He surely is a smaller version of a dog. 

In addition to this because of his size his mother did not accept him. This is a sad reality. But do not lose hope as faith came in to fulfill that role even though he is the smallest horse in the world.

(Image Source: InstagramFaithful Minis)

To be classified as a miniature horse they have to reach a certain height of 34 inches but sadly he’s not that big. However, he still has grown a little from his time of rescue but his new mom is not sure that he will get much bigger.

When he was first welcomed into his new home his jaw was not aligned. Ever since that time, his head has grown a bit and his jaw is in alignment.

(Image Source: InstagramFaithful Minis)

As a matter of fact, he has learned to walk with help of special shoes and training from mommy. Now he can walk and run.

He loves to play with his siblings. At first, he was a bit scared but with time they became best pals. Now they do everything together.

Also, the vets checked him his eye vision is perfectly fine but he cant hear.

(Image Source: InstagramFaithful Minis)

No matter what he will always be loved by his family and will keep on growing. He’s a fighter from inside. Don’t lose hope in him!