Mervin The Chihuahua Is Internet Famous For One Hilarious Reason

You know those uncanny similarities you sometimes see between people and their pets? This Chihuahua’s become something of an Internet sensation for her likeness to a pop celebrity.

Mervin is a 16-year-old rescue whose uncontrollable tongue has made him a pet favorite on social media, attracting 30,000 followers on Instagram in addition to over 8,000 Facebook fans. But what makes this tiny Chihuahua so popular? His wild tongue gives him an appearance like that of a certain Miley Cyrus pose, and his loyal following absolutely love it. His 27-year-old owner, Joey Teixeira, tells Barcroft that Mervin has a closetful of well over 100 different outfits he wears for his gaggle of enthusiasts.

“I think looking cute is Mervin’s main special talent,” he says.

Mervin entered Joey’s life after he was brought into the shelter where he works. Joey immediately fell in love, he says, and worked to ensure Mervin had the proper rehabilitation he needed. Now, their rescue household continues to grow, and Mervin — thanks to his social media following — has become something of a poster child for shelter dogs. Together, Joey’s four dogs and one cat are helping change the stigma about rescue animals, which I’d say is certainly as good a cause as any.