Man Steals Chihuahua In Front Of Owner, But She Snatches It Back Days Later

No one steals Jessica Gary’s dog and expects to get away with it. The dog mom’s 15-year-old Chihuahua was stolen right in front of her eyes recently in New York City. Rather than sit back and hope her dog was found, Gary took matters into her own hands.

While walking her pooch during off-leash hours in Prospect Park, a dognapper suddenly appeared, snatched her pooch, and took off.

The woman and her friends put up posters, offered a $3,000 reward, and drove around looking for the stolen animal. In the meantime, the story took off on social media.

As Gary and her friend drove around Brooklyn, a tip came in about a man and a woman walking a dog who resembled her dog, Fidel.

Sure enough, as they followed up on the lead, they saw the couple walking Fidel without a care in the world. Gary’s friend sprung into action, snatching the dog off the couple, and running back to the car.

The man started pounding on the vehicle and pounding the doors of the car with a skateboard. Meantime, Fidel’s rightful owner drove away.

New York Police say the woman is not in trouble, as she immediately went to them to report what happened. Gary believes the dog thief is still at large and likely sold the dog to the unsuspecting couple.

Thank goodness for a happy ending and a smart-thinking dog mom!

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