Man Leaves His Own Birthday Party To Rescue Drowning Dog

While celebrating his birthday a man took the heroic action rescuing a drowning dog he spotted in New York’s East River.

Gabe Castellanos left his own birthday party when he saw the pooch in trouble.

Poor canine was trying hard to stay above water and had no one around to give her a helping hand.

So Gabe took a life jacket and ran out to the nearby pier. Stripping down to his underwear he scaled the railing, hung over the edge and dropped down into the water.

The black and white dog called Harper was in a panic state and bit the man on the hand and face and butted him in the face, damaging a tooth.

But Gabe continued to save Harper, pushing her towards the shore until both of them were safely on shore.

Later it was discovered that the pooch had ended up escaping from a dog walker who was hit by a car. She had some abrasions to her paws but was unharmed otherwise.

Gabe had to get patched up and may have to get some dental work done soon. But he isn’t mad at Harper and is just glad he could save a life.

Wow what a kind man.

Source: Youtube/Inside Edition