Man Bursts Into Tears When Police Officers Knock On His Door With His Missing Dog

It’s always heartbreaking when a pet goes missing, especially when they provided emotional support for their owners. For a few agonizing days, this sweet pup named Arrow, a Doberman Pinscher, was missing from home. His owner, Gary, was devastated — fearing that his beloved dog might be lost forever. The old man was left broken after his beloved service dog disappeared.

The dog was not just his pet but his emotional support companion. The Watsonville Police Department investigated the case. Gary did posts on social media, put up flyers, talked to people around the community and walked around the bushes and highway looking for signs. According to the police department, they initially had “no luck” searching for the dog. Few days later, officers found Arrow, after identifying a woman who had found the dog and taken him home. However, one very important detail was missing: Gary and Arrow had not yet been reunited.

The old man was overwhelmed with joy

The police decided to film the reunion between the two friends and published it. They showed up at Gary’s door with a very welcome surprise: they found Arrow! Upon opening his front door and seeing Arrow, Gary cries: “Oh my God, how did you do this?” Thanking Officer Angel Hernandez for reuniting him with his lost pooch, Gary adds: “Thank you Angel, what a beautiful man you are.” Watch the video, Gary was overwhelmed with joy at seeing his lost dog again.

All their searching paid off in the end, seeing the overjoyed pet owner tearfully reunite with his lost dog. “There was nothing but tears of joy when Officer Angel Hernandez reunited Gary with his best friend,”