Man Befriends a Bear Over The Years – Then She Brings Her New Cubs To Meet Him

Bears are notorious for being vicious and dangerous, yet they can have a gentle side.
This is exemplified in the image below, where a man and a black bear have formed a strong, unique bond.

Over the years, the mother bear has visited Patrick Conley frequently, and she once brought her newborn cubs to meet him!

Patrick is from Asheville, North Carolina, where black bears are plentiful and well-known for being friendly to humans.

The bear population in this portion of the United States is on the rise, thanks in part to bears’ adaptation to living among humans.

Simone the mama bear comes out of the woods to greet hi, as you can see in the video.

This is a common event for Patrick, and it’s nothing out of the norm. She did, however, bring her first litter of cubs to meet him this time.

When he spotted the gorgeous family of cubs plodding along behind the mama cub, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

He commented on the video’s caption, “The cubs are the prettiest creatures to ever traverse these woods, but then I’m kind of biased.”

Patrick already had a deep friendship with Simone, so meeting the cubs was like meeting a new family member for him.

And you can see how close and comfortable Simone is with Patrick as she walks straight onto the porch with her pups trailing close behind her.

The cubs are clearly not as relaxed as their mother, as they pause before leaping onto the porch.

But finally, all three of them appear on Patrick’s porch to meet him, and he is naturally taken aback.

A bear, who is often feared, is so friendly with Patrick, a human, and so trusting of him that he is meeting her delicate newborns. Amazing!

Simone trails behind the cubs as they sprint to the next tree to climb and play. They are still adjusting to their new surroundings.
Simone signals it’s time to leave after some exploring, climbing, and fooling about, and the three disappears into the forest.

Simone appeared to be well-fed and in good health, according to Patrick.

Below is the complete footage of the encounter: