Man Awakes Only To See Mama Moose Has Turned His Backyard Into A Nursery For Her Twin Babies

It’s normal for those of us with backyards to see animals passing by, including wild ones depending on where you live.

Moose, on the other hand, is an animal that most people don’t expect to see in their backyards, but that’s precisely what one man called Roland Rydstrom discovered in his backyard in Anchorage, Alaska last summer!

Furthermore, the mother moose, who had recently given birth, brought her twin babies with her, and the three of them spent a few days in his yard!

Rydstrom used Facebook to share the fascinating narrative and images of the beautiful creatures. In a Facebook post, he stated that his weekend plans were entirely different, but that his unexpected visitors forced him to adapt:

“This weekend, I had a lot of yard work to do out back. But such intentions are put on wait when the moose camp out and consume everything.”

He knew the mother moose had just given birth twelve days before, but he never expected to see them up close and personal in his own backyard. They also ate some food while they were there, eating all of the flowers from his yard save the marigolds, which they must have thought were unappealing.

They did, however, gorge themselves on begonias, to the point where Rydstrom shared a photo of the three of them passing out on the lawn in a begonia sugar coma. It’s comforting to know that even while animals eat “healthy” foods from nature, they, too, can overeat and need to rest!

The Dodo asked Rydstrom about his resting and lounging hours, and he told them:

“I went to work, fully expecting the moose to flee, but they didn’t…

They’d just shift places and, as you can see from the photos, the babies in particular would just migrate around to meet the sun.”

While the animals were occupied, Roland dashed outdoors to try to salvage his last begonia, which he had placed on a table in the backyard. The moose ultimately located the begonia, as well as another one that was closer to the rear entrance, thinking he’d outsmarted them. “Mama moose 2, Roland 0,” Roland quipped in his post.

In addition to the numerous images taken during the weekend visit, Roland also recorded a video of the animals, which showed the babies running around their makeshift nursery, eating flowers, playing in the sprinkler, and generally having a good time, all while their mother kept an eye on them.

Overall, it was a magnificent meeting of humans and nature, and despite the sacrifice of his begonias, Roland had a one-of-a-kind visit that he’ll never forget!