Man adopts dog with an enormous tumor so he can know love during his final days

Losing someone dear to our hearts is probably one of the most painful moments that we will experience in our lives. May it be a direct family member, a relative, a close friend, or someone we idolize or look up to.

Lucky are those who haven’t experienced it yet. However, most people have been there and lived the darkest days of their lives. It’s one of the many difficult times in our lives that we need to cope with.

The same thing also applies when we lose our beloved animal companions, like our dogs. Any dog owner would agree to this. Losing a dog also brings an immense amount of sorrow and pain to somebody. This homeless dog was overlooked because of his condition, but a kind-hearted man saw something special in him and brought him home. Thanos is not your typical superhero movie villain. In fact, he’s a sweet dog. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with cancer which spread fast to his head and caused a massive tumor.

The poor pooch was rejected by four families! The giant tumor on his head became an issue and pushed potential adopters away.

Thankfully, an angel from Berazategui, Argentina came down to rescue Thanos. A 21-year-old guy named Luciano Karosas adopted the neglected sick dog and he vowed to make Thanos’ remaining days extra special.

“I came out with a piece of my heart in my hand,” Karosas told Portal Amigo Cao. Karosas was still hopeful about Thanos’ condition. He exhausted all of his resources and looked for every option available that could possibly save his dog. He thought that a major operation would eradicate his illness, but the vet told him that there’s no way for Thanos’ life to be extended any longer.

This terrible news broke Karosas’ heart into smithereens. It’s a sad reality that he needed to deal with courageously because no dog owner could bear this with ease.

Although Thanos had a huge tumor on his head, he still appeared to be a normal dog.

Thanos didn’t let his illness take the best of him and still lived his remaining days like the usual.

Actually, he loved giving Karosas cuddles and snuggles. One wouldn’t even know that he had cancer if not for the giant tumor on his head.

The fear of losing his buddy lingered in Karosas’ thoughts every single day. Being Thanos’ human parent- he dealt with life carrying the bitter fact inside his head. He was scared about living life without his beloved dog beside him. Coping with it must’ve been so difficult, but he managed to live with it.

To set the fear away, they enjoyed their everyday life together. He made sure that the remaining days of Thanos were unforgettable and worth remembering.

How would a dog owner know if his/her dog has cancer and what do they need to do?

“The warning signs of cancer in dogs are very similar to that in people. A lump or a bump, a wound that doesn’t heal, any kind of swelling, enlarged lymph nodes, a lameness or swelling in the bone, abnormal bleeding. Those are all classic signs. But sometimes there are little or no signs, at least early on.

So any time an animal isn’t feeling well, or there’s something abnormal or not quite right, the owner needs to bring it to the attention of their veterinarian.” We come to realize that losing someone is a sad part of life. There will come a time that our beloved dogs will perish, may it be because of aging or due to a terminal illness, the result is still the same. What matters the most is that we give them all the love in the world while they are still with us. As the famous saying goes, “savor the moment while it lasts.”

On Karosas’ Instagram account, he shared an edited picture of Thanos fused on the body of the villain Thanos and he wrote (translation from Google Translate):

“Happy 2 months with the strongest warrior I know 💪 I did not choose the name “Thanos” because yes, I chose him knowing that he is a very powerful character, capable of fighting for what he wants until the last moment and enduring great battles. And although we all know that his life is not long, it was a before and after for the world. Exactly like MY Thanos, who in a different way but that inspires and excites many people every day ❤ represents the willpower, to live and his great fight to continue with us. As in the photo, Thanos devastated Argentina, Now it goes all over the world 🙌 I love you baby of the potato ❤.”