Mama Giraffe Watches For Any Signs Of Life In Her Tired Newborn Baby

A few lucky visitors to the Memphis Zoo in Tennessee were treated to a once-in-a-lifetime encounter that they will likely never forget.

They witnessed a female giraffe give birth to her first child, and the entire touching event was captured on film!

Credit: Memphis Zoo

The giraffe was only supposed to arrive a few days later, so no one on the zoo staff anticipated it to happen so quickly. However, someone who was fortunate enough to be present at the time of the incident was able to capture it on film as it unfolded.

The mother can be seen hunting for the ideal location to birth her child in the brief film.

And after the baby is born, mom’s strong instincts kick in, and she assumes her duty as a caregiver with the type of love and compassion that only a mother can deliver.

Credit: Memphis Zoo

Thankfully, the baby was healthy, so the zookeepers didn’t have to intervene, allowing the new mom and her infant to spend time bouncing and enjoying each other’s company.

It’s always very touching to see a mother bond with her child in this special way!

You can see the beautiful moment in the video below!