Mailman Takes Photos With All The Dogs He Meets At Work

They say that mail carriers and dogs are supposed to be mortal enemies. But anyone who owns a dog knows that is usually just a myth. Our dogs usually enjoy greeting the mail carriers who come to our door. They might be a little apprehensive at first, but after they get to know the people carrying our mail day in and day out, they develop a fondness for them.
And there is one mailman down in Sao Paulo, Brazil who has found that being a mailman definitely comes with its furry perks. As an animal lover, Cristiano da Silva Antunes gets more than his fair share of canine cuddles while on the job. The friendly man goes around not only delivering mail to people but also making friends with all the animals who are along his route. Sounds great!
Cristiano’s job has also led him to develop a new hobby as well. He has set up an Instagram page called Cateiro Amigo Dos Animais, or Animal-friendly Mailman, where he documents all the animals he meets through selfies with them. Most of the animals he’s made friends with are dogs, but occasionally he’ll befriend cats or even birds! And his passion project has definitely gained notoriety seeing as he’s already received about 92k fans!
Check out some of the selfies below:
1 Big Kisses
This pup looks delighted to see his friendly postman

2 The More The Merrier
Looks like the dog from the previous post had a friend who also wanted in on the hugs

3 Squad Goals
Looks like this trio made a point to match – they’re all wearing hoodies!

4 Getting The Side Eye
We don’t think this pooch is particularly impressed with the design on Cristiano’s mask. Oops!

5 Selfie Game On Point
These two definitely know how to take a good selfie.

6 Three’s Company
Look at all those dogs. We can only imagine the energy that first greeted Christiano.

7 Hugs For The Mailman
This good boy looks so happy to be getting a hug from his favorite mailman

8 Bike Ride Buddy
This friendly pup looks like he’s ready to hope on the back of Cristiano’s bike and ride away with him!

9 Aging Together
Here the mailman had some fun with the aging app and it looks like the dog’s expression is bummed about how he’ll look when he’s old.

10 Pure Joy
We’re honestly not sure who looks happier in this picture: Cristiano or the dogs he’s cuddling?