Little Orphaned Grizzly Bear Cub Loves Having Her Feet Tickled By The Man Who Rescued Her

It’s hardly exaggerating to state that grizzly bears instill dread and awe in many people.

They are enormous, powerful, and majestic creatures that pique people’s interest, but few people are familiar with them. Because of their enormous size, they are frequently depicted as monsters that could pose a serious threat to humans.

Casey Anderson is aiming to change that narrative, and he’s taken major measures to do so by starring in a film with Bella, a rescued grizzly bear cub. Bella’s endearing reaction to having her feet tickled wins the audience’s hearts.

Into the Wild Rescued

Bella was discovered alone in the Alaskan wilderness. It’s unclear what happened to her mother, but it was obvious that she needed to be saved. If a small cub is left alone without her mother to protect her, she will be helpless and prey to larger creatures.

Anderson, the founder of the Montana Grizzly Encounter bear refuge, brought Bella in and began caring for her. Anderson is a National Geographic television host and has done some filmmaking in addition to administering the sanctuary. Anderson concentrated on forming a bond with Bella after she was safe in the refuge.

Bella’s Feet are tickled

When you see the video of Anderson tickling Bella’s feet, it’s evident that the bonding process went well. As he moves from one foot to the other, the cub sleeps on her back and tries to playfully put her mouth on her caretaker’s hands.

Anderson’s voice sounds as though he’s speaking to a tiny child, and it’s obvious that this is a game that both parties enjoy. Anderson also discusses some of the strategies he used to gain Bella’s respect in this video.

A Mission with a Greater Purpose Than Tickling Fee

While photographs of Bella getting her feet tickled are undeniably heartwarming, Anderson’s objective is much more.

He has taken several grizzly bears into the Montana Grizzly Encounter sanctuary throughout the years and provided them with a safe haven. This collection includes Brutus, a bear he adopted as a cub, just like Bella, and has cared for for over ten years.

Anderson hopes that by educating people about these animals, the refuge can help to alleviate some of the dread that surrounds them. His hope is that through education and exposure to grizzly bears, people will be able to change their attitudes toward these animals from fear to respect and wonder. When you see Bella getting her feet tickled, you can see these creatures aren’t monsters. It’s also nice to observe Anderson’s attachment with the cub he saved grow stronger.