In Viral Film An Alaskan Man Feeds A Large Swarm Of Bald Eagles

The majestic bald eagle, one of America’s most enduring emblems, is rarely seen. When you reside in an area with the world’s greatest bald eagle population, though, things are a little different. Unalaska, Alaska, is home to approximately 600 bald eagles despite having a human population of less than 5,000 people.

Credit: YouTube/jessie peck

Because Dutch Harbor is not just the area’s, but maybe the world’s, largest fishing site, it’s natural for bald eagles to congregate here in quest of food.

Because the marine food in these waterways is abundant, fisherman always leave something behind for the big birds. However, one man in particular has managed to become viral with a video of his eagle feeding.

Credit: YouTube/jessie peck

Jesse Peck took a dish of shrimp and planned to share it with the bald eagles that had congregated on a deck. However, as soon as he began feeding the gorgeous birds, they began to flock to him. For any bird enthusiast out there, the end result was a spectacular sight.

Peck’s dish of shrimps was quickly depleted by the enormous swarm of eagles, as though they were in a feeding frenzy. At one point, the man even threw some pieces into the air, which were quickly snatched up by the beautiful birds.

Credit: YouTube/jessie peck

But that wasn’t all, as Peck grabbed his camera immediately after finishing the meal to demonstrate that there were many more eagles all across the port. With over eight million views, the video has gone viral!

Peck captioned it, “Just another day in Alaska.” You can see the stunning moment in the video below: