Hypoglycemia in Chihuahuas

All pet owners need to know the basics of animal care in order to ensure a healthy life for their pet and themselves. One of the common problems owners of small toy breed dogs needs to know about is hypoglycemia.Hypoglycemiais the scientific term which means low blood sugar You are probably aware of this phenomenon in people with diabetes and the condition is quite similar in dogs. Low blood sugar levels can be quite dangerous in dogs because  glucose is needed by the brain to operate properly. When glucose levels drop too low, serious consequences can follow.In dogs, hypoglycemia is especially an issue for toy breeds like the Chihuahua. This is because Chihuahuas have been bred to be small, so they have a naturally low body mass. The small body mass means that they cannot store sugar properly, there is simply not enough body fat. So, a responsible dog owner needs to be aware of the serious risk of hypoglycemia in these small breeds Beyond the natural tendencies to hypoglycemia, there are several, preventable causes. The modern dog food diet, like much of the modern diet for people, tends to be high in grains. Grains get converted by the body into sugar. So, a diet high in grains means the body is working overtime trying to store sugar. This leads to the body  crashing afterward because of the high sugar levels and greater hunger. This creates a vicious cycle where the body is simply unable to regulate a steady level of glucose. The ultimate result of this is obesity. Hand-in-hand with a high-grain diet comes disorders of the pancreas When the body has high levels of sugar because of the diet, the pancreas has to work overtime to produce insulin. Eventually, it wears down and can no longer keep up. The result is in which case regular insulin injections will have to be given.
While obesity can cause hypoglycemia, so can malnourishment. For a small breed like the Chihuahua, even missing one or two meals can cause low blood sugar levels. Again, this is because they have such a small body mass already. They need a consistent and steady diet to maintain healthy levels of sugar.To know whether your dog is suffering from low blood sugar, there are a few things you should look out for. If you notice your dog is weak, having trouble walking, or experiences dizziness, this might be a sign of hypoglycemia. In addition to this, look for signs of unusual drowsiness, unresponsiveness, or tiredness. Chihuahuas are a naturally active breed, so any changes in mood like this should raise some red flags. In serious cases, dogs suffering from low blood sugar might experience convulsions, seizures, comas, or paralysis.If your dog experiences these serious conditions, get them to a vet immediately. In less severe cases, begin by given your dog a small dose of sugar with honey or corn syrup. This can easily be done with an eye-dropper or by rubbing the honey on his or her gums. Slowly give them a bit more and if their condition does not improve within a few hours, contact your vet
Otherwise, the best way to avoid hypoglycemia is preventative care. Dogs should always have access to fresh, clean water. Diets should consist of high-protein, lower grain foods. Small dogs need to eat smaller meals throughout the day. You can check out the amounts and such in this;

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