How to bathe your Chihuahua

One of the most important grooming routines for a Chihuahua is bathing. Whether you own a long-coat or smooth-coat variety, all Chihuahuas must be bathed to prevent build-ups of dirt and to keep their fur free of any tangles.
Unfortunately, many owners allow their Chihuahuas to go un-bathed for long periods of time, making the process even more difficult when they try to place them in a tub or sink. If you’re wondering what the best way is to clean them, keep reading and walk you through the steps to bathing a Chihuahua.

While bathing is an essential grooming routine for a Chihuahua, you should avoid over-doing it. It’s far too common for owners to bathe their pups multiple times a week, and while this may not seem like a big deal, it can easily dry out their skin.