Homeless Pregnant Chihuahua Gives Birth To 6 Puppies In Midst Of California Wildfires

When Linda Hamik went to go check on a homeless Chihuahua she had been watching over before the California wildfire began, she realized the dog wasn’t alone anymore.

The Chihuahua refused to be taken in by Linda or any other neighbor, so she was forced to brave the wildfire all by herself — and ended up having a miraculous moment surrounded by the flames.

She gave birth to six tiny puppies during the wildfire and made it her mission to keep herself and her new babies alive no matter what.

When Linda found the mama dog and her new additions, she brought them all over to Dogma Animal Rescue, where they have been loved and cared for ever since. Imagine finding a discovery like this near your home like Linda did!

Keep scrolling to see all six of the new puppies and learn more about their mama’s journey to safety!

Thumbnail Photo: Facebook / Dogma Animal Rescue

As we all know, the recent wildfires caused a state of emergency in California. As people began returning to their homes, they saw just how the flames affected everything around them.

According to People, one woman named Linda Hamik went to go check on a homeless Chihuahua she had been keeping an eye on for a while.

However, upon her return, she was stunned to find out that the dog wasn’t alone.

When she found the homeless Chihuahua, she discovered six tiny puppies as well.

As it turns out, the dog had given birth in the middle of the fire.

She tells People that a homeless man she encountered in the same field where the Chihuahua lived “said the pups were born Sunday night when the wildfires had swiftly engulfed the region.”