Homebound Man Craving Cheetos Sends Chihuahua To Store With $20 Bill & A Note

People are staying at home and spending more and more time with their pets these days. One dog owner in Mexico came up with an idea to get his favorite snack without ever leaving his residence.

Antonio Munoz decided to send his Chihuahua, Chokis, out to retrieve a bag of Cheetos. Since Munoz can’t leave his home, he sent Chokis out with a note and money for the snacks!

Munoz slid a $20 bill and a note under his pup’s collar. The note asked the store clerk to give Chokis a bag of Cheetos. The note also stated the bag of goodies must be the orange bag, not the red one.

In order to add some humor to the note, Munoz ended it by writing, “WARNING: She will bite if not treated right. Your front neighbor.”

Amazingly, the smart Chihuahua went right to the store and completed the task like a boss. Apparently, the store is located right near the man’s residence.

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