History of the anatomy of a chihuahua

ketch of chihuahua anatomy The anatomy of a chihuahua is the smallest of all breeds and has the honor of being one of the oldest breeds. They were named after the Chihuahua region of Mexico. It is believed that this breed comes from an ancient breed that was larger in size and highly valued by the Aztecs royalty.

anatomy of a chihuahua is a very small-sized dog, quite strong. It has a large round head with thin lips. The muzzle is short and slightly pointed, short nose. Eyes big, round, widely spaced. The ears are large, the tail is of medium length. There are two types: long hair and short.

The anatomy of a chihuahua is a long-lived breed. With good care, it can live up to 18 years. Chihuahuas tend to shiver, they are afraid of the cold, so they need to buy clothes.

The anatomy of a chihuahua may be unfriendly towards other dogs if they are not socialized at a young age. The anatomy of a chihuahua will not retreat from other dogs and this can cause problems if they encounter large aggressive dogs.

Chihuahua is not the best dog when you have small children. anatomy of a chihuahua is fragile and a toddler can hurt the dog while playing. Not recommended in children under the age of eight are in the house.

Chihuahua ears may be prone to earwax, so they should be cleaned. Anatomy of a chihuahua daily needs 20 to 30 minutes of exercise.