Happy Rescue Dog Digs Massive Hole In Backyard

Most dogs like to dig holes when they get the chance. It’s a stereotype for a dog to bury his bone in a hole for a reason, though many dogs aren’t that into digging.

Growing up, I had multiple dogs and a big yard. Some of the dogs would leave several gopher-sized mounds of dirty alongside nice holes and others didn’t so much as scratch the surface of the grass.

For the dogs who do enjoy digging, I think few would come close to being quite as enthusiastic about it as a rescue dog living in Capim Branco, Minas Gerais, Brazil.


The pup is one of 12 rescues and he absolutely loves to dig holes. His holes, however, are more like caves or tunnels than holes because they’re so massive!

In a video shared with ViralHog, the dog’s owner showed one of the holes that the dog had managed to dig and it’s so big that you can’t even see the pup working away inside.


The owner calls for the dog a few times and eventually, the dog emerges from the massive cavern-like hole all smiles and tail-wagging.

The owner said, “We have 12 rescues and one of them likes to dig from time to time. This is his latest and one of his biggest holes.”


It’s nice to see the rescue dog is living his best life and is allowed to do what he loves, even if it causes some destruction in the yard.

Check out the impressive hole in the video below: