Great Dane Throws A Tantrum When A Tiny Puppy Refuses To Share His Treat

Sharing is caring, right? Even our dogs know this to be true. Why else do they always give you those big wide eyes whenever they want you to share with them? But there was one adorable Great Dane, Diesel, who felt slighted with his chihuahua companion who didn’t want to share.

And the results were adorable.

Diesel seemed to already have an issue living with the little chihuahua, who got a little more attention – particularly with food. While Diesel could have easily used his size to bully the chihuahua into giving him whatever he wanted, he still wanted to be able to have a nibble of the chihuahua’s treat. And apparently, he has a habit of throwing a little tantrum when his chihuahua friend refuses to share.

The owner was able to film one of Diesel’s little fits and it was cute. They then uploaded it to social media for the rest of the world to see how adorable the two dogs are in their interactions with one another. The video was titled, “Tiny Chihuahua refuses to share treat with Great Dane.”

And the description read, “Diesel the Great Dane just wants to get his paws on that treat!”

In the footage, the video started out with the small chihuahua enjoying a treat while relaxing on the giant couch. Then, enter Diesel, who comes up and began to stare down the tiny dog. He is easily at least 20 times the size of the chihuahua.

In the background, the owner can be heard asking Diesel, “What’s the matter. Does he have a treat?”

Diesel then proceeded to release a low grumble – clearly upset that his chihuahua was enjoying some food, while he was not. Of course, it’s not because the owner was mean or anything. It was because he’d already wolfed his down.

The owner then said to Diesel, “You ate yours already.”

Diesel might have already eaten his treat, but that didn’t stop him from wanting more. And after seeing his chihuahua companion, he was jealous and wanted to share. This prompted Diesel to continue his low grumbles, trying to get the chihuahua to share – but the little dog remained unfazed.

While the dog may have been little, there was no way that he was going to give in and let himself be intimidated by the giant dog – he sat there for several minutes, just calmly enjoying his food. He did, however, give Diesel a 2-second side-eye before going back to his treat. That is some pretty cool confidence.

The entire video was quite hilarious, to say the least. And any dog owner who has more than one pooch can probably easily relate to the content.

A few minutes after filming, Diesel’s owner finally caved and gave him a second little snack so that he could leave his chihuahua alone for a bit.

Watch the whole hilarious video below: