Firefighter Cries Tears Of Joy After Rescuing Newborn Kittens Trapped In A Courtyard

Firefighters are really heroes because they are responsible for human and animal life. For this reason, they should always remain calm and the nerves firmly in place in dangerous situations to avoid the slightest mistake which can lead to a casualty.

However, this does not mean that they are without emotions and feelings. Sometimes, in fact, they also get carried away and can’t hide their emotions.  This is the case of this firefighter from Massa Carrara (Italy). When he and his team were doing mission, he spotted four newborn kittens trapped in a courtyard. He rushed to rescue the kittens and moved them into safe place. One of his colleagues filmed the rescue of the last kitten, capturing a very special moment: the firefighter cried with happiness while petting the little kitten. He told his colleague: “I feel like crying, do you believe?”.

After sharing the video on social media, it quickly went viral and won the Internet’s heart. 

Watch the touching video below: