Family builds mobile bed for 16-year-old senior dog so she can visit the beach

When pets get older and enter their senior years, they no longer have the energy they used to have and can’t get around like they did so we need to give them our love and care when those days come.

It’s heartwarming to see how people come up with ideas in order to help their pets when they reach senior years, we have seen stories of owners who go out of their way to build ramps or create a special wagon so their dogs can still live the best last days no matter their age.

One family lately has gone viral due to their smart idea they came up with to help their senior dog to come around in style and comfort.

Tom Antonino, from Georgia, owns a Chesapeake Bay retriever named Cocoa.

Facebook/Carrie Copenhaver

Cocoa was once a joyful and energetic dog  but slowly she began to show that her senior years and catching up with her, she turned 16 not long ago which is an age not a lot of her breed gets to taste, and she slowly began having problems and couldn’t go to her favourite places like the beach and the dog park.

The dog could easily stay only inside but her owners wanted her to be able to experience the world while she still could.

So the smart idea came to them and they built her a mobile bed.

Facebook/Carrie Copenhaver

The mobile bed was built from the scratch by Tom and his wife with a bit of creative engineering so the family now can take the sweet pooch to her favourite places while she rests on her bed.

“We had rope and a bed, and we’d bring her out,” Tom told WTKR.

The idea immediately gained a lot of attention, a woman named Carrie Copenhaver saw Cocoa out and about in Virginia Beach in February, the dog was “enjoying the smells of the ocean,” and the woman was deeply moved.

“I had to stop & express my love for his extraordinary care … compassion, kindness, love,” Carrie wrote on Facebook. “I need more people like this in my life.”

She shared the picture on Facebook who went viral quickly gaining over 55.000 shares.

Facebook/Carrie Copenhaver

Tom doesn’t use Facebook and was surprised the post got so much attention but also understood why it made such an impact.

“It hit a chord with people. The bond we have with our dogs and our pets, it’s strong,” Tom told WTKR.

The sweet dog has passed away now but at least she had loving owners while she was alive and lived an amazing and great life.