Dog waits four years in the same spot, finally gets reunited with his family

A dog’s loyalty is unquestionable. And if we need any more proof regarding their faithfulness, after reading this heart melting story, there will no doubts at all. A couple of days ago, the story of Leo, a loyal dog in Thailand, who has been waiting for his owners for almost four year, in the same spot, made waves on social media. The best part is that such a story could only end in one way, happily!

It all started four years ago, when the poor dog’s owner accidentally left him (in an inexplicable way for me) near a gas station. Meantime, people tried to help the doggy by offering him food. And Saowalak, a 45-year-old woman with a big heart, even took Leo home, but every time he run away and returned back to the spot where his family lost him, to the side of a road.

But last month ago, Leo’s story came to a happy ending. A passerby named Anuchit Uncharoen spotted the helpless dog and asked around about him, as Leo seemed to him as a stray dog. When he heard his story, he took the Facebook in a desperate attempt to find Leo’s parents after such a long waiting. And the miracle happened!

After sharing photo of Leo online, Anuchit Uncharoen was contacted by someone who told him the dog from his photos looks exactly like BonBon, the dog they’ve lost back in 2015. It didn’t took too long until they came to take BonBon home. But despite, he was incredible happy when seeing his owner, the dog decided to fallow the woman who fed him in all this time. The owners weren’t too excited about BonBon’s decision, but they respect it. They also promised to come and visit him and to pay the vet bills.

Let’s hope now Leo will remain forever in Saowalak’s home!