Dog Swims Through Floodwaters Carrying Her Puppies To Safety

Thousands of residents in eastern India have been displaced in recent weeks after heavy rains caused widespread flooding across the region. Amid all that devastation though, remarkable stories of heroism have begun to emerge – and this one is no exception.

A video uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday shows the bold actions of a determined dog in the city of Chennai earlier this month. With her puppies stranded on a disappearing bit of dry land in the middle of a deluged street, the brave mother risks her life to carry them each to safety

Although the clip ends abruptly, the dog reportedly repeated the trip until all four of her puppies were rescued.

This isn’t the only record of a dog saving the day in Chennai. In another remarkable incident, a stray dog stepped in to help a woman named Fathima Shaw safely navigate a flood street.

“Every time I stopped, this sweet dog would stop and wait…. I thought I was imagining it at first then I crossed the street and it crossed with me too,” Shaw said, in a post on Facebook. “It started pacing back and forth when I balked at knee-deep water, came back to me THROUGH THE WATER, and showed me how to traverse it.”

Of course, through the recent flooding, countless humans have served as heroes to stranded and displaced pets as well – because every life is a life worth saving.