Dog calling for help

Most of us will have heard about the earthquake in Turkey, so sad. Remarkably both pet dogs and street dogs automatically joined in the search and saved lives. Dogs that are looked down on and even disliked in Turkey once again proved that they are man’s best friend.
The Golden Retriever type dog located and saved a woman’s life. Rescuers could hear her but not locate her, this dog found her. Remarkable all of them.

I am told that vet’s in Izmir are treating injured dogs and cats for free. What a great gesture. Hopefully a lot of Turks will now have a better opinion of street dogs. 🐕🐕🐕
To all these Turkish dogs we salute you, well done for automatically helping. Just 4 pictured here but there were many more.
Dog calling for help 🐕 💔 😢 Really these pictures are melting my heart. Especially the bonding between dogs and human beings is something special. Pic taken after earthquake of Magnitude 7 in #Izmir. Like Page: UAE Labours A very heart wrenching moment from Izmir, Turkey, where a dog trying to rescue his owner and screaming for help, when his owner were buried under the rubble after earthquake.

A strong earthquake of a magnitude of around 7.0 struck the Aegean Sea and was felt in both Turkey and #Greece. 💔 People flooded to the streets in the Turkish coastal city of İzmir, Turkey after the earthquake, witnesses said. Footage from Turkish state broadcaster TRT Haber showed a collapsed building in Central Izmir. The epicenter was some 17 Kilometer off the coast of the Izmir Province, at a depth of 16.5 km. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said the depth was 10 km and that the epicenter was 33.5 km off Turkey’s coast.

Our hearts and prayers go for the people of #Izmir