Dirty Kitten Gets a New Home

A kind man, who is also an animal lover, thought he heard a kitten meowing out in the street so he went outside to investigate.

The noise was coming from the dumpsters and on closer inspection he found a tiny, albeit very dirty, kitten. He called out and the kitten instantly ran over to him. He was obviously very hungry and didn’t refuse the food the man had brought with him.


The man looked up and down the street to see if there was a mother cat around who may have lost her kitten but there were no other cats or siblings in the area.

He decided the best thing to do was to take him home. He was very dirty so had probably been on his own for quite some time.


The man decided to take him to the vet who said the kitten was around 2 months-old. They gave him a bath, as well as being very dirty he was covered in fleas.

They kept him at the clinic for a few days to treat his internal parasites and gave him antibiotics for his eye infection. It was now time to find this little kitten a home.


Watch the video: