Chihuahua saves 86-year-old Navy veteran’s life after he has a stroke while alone

To old people living alone, their pets are more than just animals, they are their companions and for some even a lifeline.

Rudy Armstrong, a navy veteran from North Carolina, owes his life to Bubu, his pet dog.

They go everywhere together so when the 86 year old man found himself in trouble it was his Chihuahua pet that gave him help.

While enjoying time on his houseboat with his loyal pet by his side, Rudy suffered a stroke and fell to the floor.

His devoted pooch knew immediately that something wasn’t right and ran quickly to the dockmaster to alert him by barking continuously.

The dockmaster noticed the situation and called 911.+The old man was sent to CarolinaEast Medical Center and now the best hands are taking care of him, he hopes to get back quickly to his loyal friend.

“I’m excited about getting to see her,” Rudy told WCNT9 News. “I mean she sleeps with me, when I go someplace in the car she goes with me, and all that. You know I mean we do everything together.”

This once again proves to us how great our dogs are, they are truly our life savers.