Chihuahua adopted Orphaned Rabbits

At just three days old and barely big enough to stand on their own, this adorable baby rabbit needs all the help it can get.

And after being found a*******d on a compost heap, the outlook didn’t look good for the litter of five wild baby bunnies.

But things are looking up for the tiny creatures after they found an unlikely father figure in the shape of Mitch the male chihuahua.

chihuahua kiss rabbit

Keeping clean: Mitch the Chihuahua chewed everything he saw but has now adopted the litter of five baby rabbits

The baby rabbits are now being hand-reared at Capricorn Animal Rescue in Padeswood, North Wales with the help of their new surrogate father.

Mitch himself, a two-year-old white chihuahua, had been at the centre since he was six months old because he chews everything around him – except baby rabbits.

Staff at the rescue center are looking after the babies by feeding them milk, while Mitch carefully grooms each of them like a true caring dad.

chihuahua loves orphaned rabbit

The adorable baby rabbits are too small to fend for themselves, but are surviving thanks to Chihuahua Mitch

Sheila Stewart, owner of the rescue centre, said: ‘A man brought the litter in along with their nest after he found them when he moved a compost heap.

‘They are tiny and I am feeding them every few hours with milk through a syringe.

‘After I’ve finished feeding them, Mitch comes along and washes and grooms each one.

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